Sexual Dysfunction – Get Sexual Disorder Solutions from the Experts

There are several types of sexual dysfunction any of which could ruin what otherwise could be an ideal relationship.

Particularly in marriage, sex is one of the bonds that unite a couple in a lasting partnership.

Without sex, the relations between husband and wife may become fragile. The result in infidelity and eventual breakup of the married couple.

The good thing is, there are solutions to the various sexual disorders. This could wreak havoc on a happy relationship between partners.

Women’s Sexual Dysfunction

Even the many types of sexual dysfunction experienced by most women. Such as frigidity, or lack of sexual desire, and orgasm and pain disorders, have solutions.

The first thing to do for these women sufferers is to consult their doctors. Diagnose the probable cause or causes of their condition for a possible remedy.

A thorough physical examination is necessary to come up with the proper diagnosis as factors. Such as lack of vaginal lubrication could be the factor behind the sexual problem.

The reasons could also be psychological, arising from early experience in life that lead to aversion towards sex.

The obvious solution here then is therapy sessions. With a psychiatrist or marriage counselor with specialization on sex-related problems.

Sexual Dysfunction For Men

Similar psychiatric help is also advisable for men with sexual dysfunction arising from some adverse experience in sex while they were young.

For instance, the effects of a traumatic sexual experience as a boy. That could be carried on to adulthood, resulting in erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence.

The more common cause of ED, however, is physical.

For the most part, impotence is related to the aging process. It has been found that after the age of 45, the penis starts to lose some of its ability for more rigid erections.

Nevertheless, there are now many convenient solutions to impotence among males. These life-savers to many marriages come in the form of oral pills which can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription. Go find it here.

Prescription needed for ED

Like other types of sexual dysfunction, ED needs to be expertly diagnosed before any form of treatment is prescribed.

The doctor will have to first determine what is causing the penile erection problem. If a drug is needed, the proper dose that should be taken should also be properly ascertained.

The doctor will also have to establish if the physical well-being of an ED sufferer is ideal for the drug to be prescribed.

If the patient also suffers from certain ailments such as heart disease! Some of the current medications for impotence may not be advisable. Because the combination of the drugs could result in severe side-effects.


Sexual dysfunction could be a serious disorder that some may have to live with. Unless they would want to take the risk of bearing such side-effects such as a headache, muscle ache, upset stomach or nausea, and dizziness.

This doubly makes the advice of an expert medical practitioner doubly valuable in tackling impotence or erectile dysfunction.

There are life-threatening side-effects for people taking nitrate-based medications and ED drugs at the same time.

Further knowledge on the repercussions of impotence-drug intake is available through the link at the bottom of this page.

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