Nitric Oxide Side Effects, Benefits, & Natural NO Boosters

Nitric Oxide Side Effects – Are You Aware Of Them All?

The Nitric Oxide side effects are not always as well-publicized as the benefit this highly effective molecule offers.

Below we will take a look at the potential issues faced when using such a supplement. Before we’ll talk about it, you need to understand what Nitric Oxide (NO) is, and what it can do for you.

Hopefully, by the end of this article! You will have a balanced view, and be in a far better position to decide whether such a supplement is for you.
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What is Nitric Oxide?

This molecule is naturally produced by your body. It helps 50 trillion cells to communicate with each other. It is one major body transmitter.

To help you understand just how important it is! Consider the fact that well in excess of 60,000 studies have been carried out on it in just the last 20 years. There are 3 scientists actually won the Nobel Peace Prize. They work discovered the signaling role of Nitric Oxide in the body.

What causes low Nitric Oxide levels?

There are lots of reasons your body could be suffering from Nitric Oxide deficiencies. Some of the main ones are…

  • Aging
  • Lack of activity
  • Smoking, and…
  • High cholesterol levels.

Those people who survive on a fatty and unhealthy diet are also leaving themselves open to NO deficiencies.

The benefits of Nitric Oxide

In a nutshell, a Nitric Oxide booster will help to increase your energy levels. Keep your overall health as it should be.

You may have heard it many times before, but it needs repeating constantly! If you want to stay fit and healthy. You should be eating a well balanced and nutritious diet as well as carrying out some regular exercise.

The real Nitric Oxide benefits certainly deserve far more than one paragraph of an article, so we will look at these;

It is not just for cardiovascular problems and muscle building

NO has an incredible reach around your body. This is because all of your organs can benefit from having an increased blood, nutrient, and oxygen flow.

In medical circles, it is termed as a “miracle molecule” due to its wide-ranging benefits. It can improve brain function, help the wound healing process, and contribute to weight loss.

In terms of muscles, the best Nitric Oxide supplement will help build them and give you added strength. It will also significantly increase your endurance levels.

If you have cardiovascular problems your blood vessels will be narrower than normal. This is caused due to a build-up of plaque inside the arteries.

This build-up reduces your capacity to produce Nitric Oxide. Those suffering from cardiovascular problems will be given Nitric Oxide. This is because it works to relax your narrowed blood vessels and increases oxygen and blood flow.

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Wide-ranging benefits

The breadth of benefits offered by the top Nitric Oxide supplements is clearly shown above. But when you also understand, it can benefit cancer and diabetes sufferers, those men with erectile dysfunction issues, and healthy men and women who are just looking to shed a couple of pounds, it becomes very clear why such supplements are rapidly growing in popularity.

We started the benefits section of this article with a ‘nutshell’ so let’s finish it with one!

A Nitric Oxide supplement can increase your body’s natural healing abilities. They fight disease, and they can significantly improve your muscle strength and definition.

Before we consider the potential Nitric Oxide side effects! Here are some of the most common ways to increase your body’s levels without supplements

nitric oxide bodybuilding
To improve a workout session, most people using bodybuilding supplements. However, if you have low blood pressure, please consult with the doctor or ask your friends or anyone in the gyms.

Methods of increasing Nitric Oxide

It will come as no surprise to many; exercise is the most common way for you to increase your NO levels. This is because when you exert yourself by lifting weights, running, or participating in other physical activities! Your muscles need additional oxygen. This is supplied by your blood.

As your heart pumps with more pressure to supply the muscles with blood, this releases NO into the blood via the lining of your arteries. It also widens the wall of the vessel thus allowing more blood to pass through.


In terms of your diet, amino acids are the way to increase your NO levels. The two most effective are L-arginine and L-citrulline.

Eating nuts, fruits, meats, and dairy products will do you the power of good. You also need enzymes for the conversion of Nitric Oxide.

Healthy foods include fruit, garlic, soy, and vitamins C and E will allow you to produce more Nitric Oxide.

Side effects

When you buy Nitric Oxide formulas you should be aware that like all substances too much NO can cause side effects.

The L-arginine and L-citrulline formula you will find available should advise no more than 7 grams maximum be taken on a daily basis.

If you exceed the recommended dosage you could well see such effects as headaches, sickness, dry mouth, fatigue, and sleep disruption.

You should also be wary of any supplements which include fillers or additives. These can bring potential side effects of their own.

Why gym enthusiasts opt for stronger options and the potential side effects

We will mention some of the side effects that bodybuilders and others looking to develop solid muscle mass and definition are prone to when using steroids.

Such formulas as the best NO2 supplement offer far more pronounced results in terms of muscle and physique.

The reason so many opt for this type of formula is due to its effectiveness in terms of increasing muscle blood flow.

They will gain considerable muscle mass in a short time, their recovery times will increase as will their strength.

The reason things happen so quickly is that the body’s arteries widen and the blood flow increases. The NO2 supplement provides copious amounts of oxygen and nutrients to the body muscles.

Similar side effects to the ones mentioned above can affect this group of people. But additionally, they can suffer migraines, diarrhea, sudden changes in heartbeat, and irritation of the skin. Water retention is another issue


Be sensible! It really is unwise to take large amounts of Nitric Oxide. If you do you are opening yourself up to a whole host of unwanted problems.

Bottom line

Hopefully, from the above! You can see that this miracle molecule really can give you huge benefits when used sensibly. And that any Nitric Oxide side effects can largely be avoided as long as you follow the supplement recommendations.

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