Muscle Building for Skinny Guys

Probably through your high school years, and even college, nobody ever taught you how to gain muscle mass. Nor did they tell you why it is important to improve your physique.

Like me, many of you have been skinny for far too many years. Sometimes it just didn’t seem possible to gain new muscle mass.

But, now is the time to get this problem under control and start building lean, strong, beautiful muscles.

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Building Muscle Fast

OK. Fast can mean a whole lot of things to different people. Measurable, observable muscle gains every couple of weeks should be just fine for most people. But, you must know the proper weight training techniques to see these gains.

After all, you don’t want to spend hour after hour in the gym doing the wrong things. You’ve got to do the right exercises at the right intervals to see progress.

And, for maximum results, you’ll need to plan your meals to provide the calories and nutrients your body needs.

This will include a post-exercise shake. A weight training program must take into account nor the only exercise but a proper diet and plenty of sleep.

But, you probably wanted to know how to exercise the right to pack on the maximum amount of muscle, especially for skinny guys. So, here is a basic but big, important tip:

Most muscle building exercises should be multi-jointed exercises.

Multi-Jointed Exercises

When an exercise involves multiple joints it works for several muscle groups at once. While isolation exercises are good, multi-jointed exercises help build big muscles faster.

So, to get big muscles you should, concentrate on multi-jointed exercises and ignore the isolation exercises for now.

Here are some examples of multi-jointed exercises that exercise multiple muscle groups. These exercises will help you make the most of your gym time and get the most out of your efforts.

  • Deadlifts (legs, back, shoulders)
  • Bench press (chest, shoulders, triceps)
  • Bar Dips (shoulders, chest, arms)
  • Overhead press (shoulders, triceps)
  • Squats (legs, lower back)
  • Pull-ups (back, biceps)
  • Barbell rows (back, biceps)

These multi-jointed exercises are the “secret sauce” in building muscle mass quickly. They should be part of your regular workout routine.

Lift Heavy Weights

Remember the purpose of lifting weights. It’s not to build muscle. Rather, lifting weights stresses your muscles, causing micro-tears or micro-damage. It is after your exercise session that your muscles are repaired and strengthened.

The purpose of lifting weights is to stress your muscles so they can be strengthened during the recovery period. Sure, you will feel the “pump” of blood going to your muscles during exercise.

But, do not confuse this muscle pump with increased muscle mass. The “pump” is due to excess blood going to the muscle fibers, not the growth of new fibers.

Now, it should be obvious that real muscle injuries can occur if you lift too heavy a weight. Not only muscles can be injured, but joints and ligaments can be damaged. So, use the proper weights for each exercise.

The proper weights will allow you to perform the exercise with the correct form. This is very important for gaining the maximum benefit from each exercise.

The maximum benefit of an exercise comes when you can repeat the movement 8-12 times in a row during your first set.

Rest after this set for 30 seconds to a minute and perform the exercise again. Do additional sets until you cannot do 6 repetitions.

When you find you can consistently do more than 12 repetitions in your first set, it is time to increase the weight.

Your total weight training exercise session should normally not last over an hour.

Give Muscles a Time to Rest and Recover

Your exercise sessions should not produce a maximal strain on a muscle group until that muscle group has had a chance to rest, repair, and gain strength.

The repair process often lasts several days. So, do not think that you should exercise each muscle group every time you go to the gym.

Many people exercise each muscle group only once a week, allowing 6 days of rest and recovery before stressing the muscles again.

Training three days a week is usually enough to cause significant muscle gain. Consider going to the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday:

    • Monday – Upper Body: Arms, Biceps, Triceps
    • Tuesday – Rest
    • Wednesday – Lower Body: Legs
    • Thursday – Rest
  • Friday – Core: Chest, Shoulders, Back
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – Rest

This is the “secret sauce” of getting great results from your muscle-building exercises. Follow this advice and you will begin to see substantial muscle growth before you know it.

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Muscle Building Skinny Guys