Increase Energy Naturally to Promote Long-Term Weight-loss

How to increase energy levels naturally

If there’s anyone that knows most about lack of energy on this planet, it’s probably me!

Seriously… I have had years of very low energy days and on top of that, depression plagued me almost every day in my 5 years of struggling to lose weight.

However, I have found ways to increase energy naturally which in turn promotes natural long-term weight-loss!

Energy is very important to me, without it I struggle a lot because I love a clean house inside and out and like everything to be as close to perfect as possible.

Being over-weight and lacking energy was a struggle for me to do my daily work and tasks, however, everything needed to be done no matter how miserable I felt.

The one thing that gave me a quick energy boost was chocolate, my biggest addiction! I would literally live on chocolate every day, in fact, my addiction reached a point where I was eating mostly chocolate every day.

If I didn’t have it in the house I would drive to the supermarket just for chocolate. It was bad, REALLY bad and it had to stop. My health was getting worse and Cholesterol and also Diabetes was knocking on my door.

I decided to put an end to this deadly addiction and I share all that with you in here. I experienced withdrawal symptoms and lack of energy as chocolate used to give me a quick energy boost and that is why I craved it all throughout the day.

Slowly, I trained my body to stop craving the chocolate and have even found some amazing natural products which I take daily to eliminate my cravings for chocolate and sweets to the point where I can look at chocolate and just say no to it without any hard feelings.

So how did I increase my energy naturally?


Ok, I used to hate exercise with a PASSION! It took me 5 years to finally consider starting some kind of exercise and to actually exercise 6 days a week. After reading about all the benefits exercise has on my health I started to view exercise in a different light.

Each time I read about exercising to lose weight I would get so upset! I would get frustrated because I’d think ‘how am I supposed to exercise when I have such low energy and feel so heavy?’ Little did I know that if I only gave exercise a go it had so many benefits in store for me!! For example:

  • Calm my mind
  • Give me a clear mind and sharp focus (as a result I was able to make healthier choices in life)
  • Dramatically relieve my depression and anxiety
  • Greatly boost my energy levels naturally!
  • Helped my digestion
  • Lower blood sugar levels (I was told I’m on the verge of Type 2 Diabetes)
  • Promote healthy bowels

I wish I started exercising 5 years ago… With benefits like these… Why wouldn’t I exercise? I thought to myself “Wow… Why didn’t I exercise throughout those 5 years?”

I would have been less depressed, so much healthier and would have never reached such an unhealthy BMI of 35.”

However, better late than never. I was grateful that I have decided once and for all to take control of my life, be responsible for the choices I make and adapt to a healthy lifestyle so that I can inspire and motivate all those around me to make healthy choices and replace bad habits with good habits.

weightloss walking

What Kind of Exercise Did I do? So did I do strenuous exercise? No way! I only do walking.

I remember when I first started it was just 15 minutes and I was huffing and puffing like a steam train. However, with perseverance and patience and a renewed mindset, I kept increasing my exercise sessions each week until I reached 45 min each session.

I also increased the speed very steadily from 4.5 on my treadmill to 5.8! I have lost 35kg (77 pounds) just by walking and climbing stairs (sometimes). Since I have reached my goal weight I just walk on the treadmill and if I feel like it I will climb the stairs too.

Better Sleep

Lack of sleep was another thing that was draining me of my energy. Because I would have all that chocolate during the day it affected my sleep.

The other thing that deprived me of a good sound sleep was the fact that I wasn’t exercising. Yes, I was doing housework and on my feet daily but that is not considered exercise.

better sleeps

I started to understand that I had to actually engage in physical exercise for at least 30 minutes per day and actually break a sweat. As soon as I started doing that I started sleeping better at night.

As a result of exercising daily (breaking a sweat) I started feeling tired around 9:30 pm and started going to bed earlier. No longer staying up late and getting quality sleep and felt much more refreshed the following day.

I found that quality sleep (at least 8 hrs per night and at least 2 of those hours have to be before midnight) has greatly increased my energy and once again, naturally!

Green Tea

Green tea is something I’d never dream of drinking, actually any tea in general. I never liked tea and only remember drinking mint or chamomile tea rarely as a child. Of course, each time I drank tea, it had to have a teaspoon of sugar in it.

Once again I researched green tea and learned about all the benefits it has on my body both mentally and physically. I decided to try it out and to my amazement, it has had a great impact in my daily life. I have noticed:

  • Increased energy
  • Mental clarity
  • Improves my mood
  • Eases depression and anxiety

Time to take action!

I started out drinking it as tea and then moved on to natural premium supplements that contain green tea. I choose supplements because it has higher levels of green tea which increases the benefits mentioned above.

With tea, I would have to drink 4+ cups a day to enjoy significant results. With supplements, I take 2 capsules in the morning and it provides me with clean, sustained natural energy all through-out the day. Having said that, I still enjoy a cup of tea every now and then, especially on cold days.

I follow a 3-step process each morning to ensure I have natural sustained quality energy all through-out the day.

First thing when I wake up I take 2 Thrive capsules, 20-30 minutes later I drink the Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix. After about 5 min I stick the Thrive DFT Patch on my arm and with that, I’m ready and set for the day including my 2 exercise sessions.

Thrive 3-Stem System – Capsules, Shake Mix, DFT Patches

By taking these 3 products not only am I fuelling my body with quality natural energy. I’m also feeding it PREMIUM nutrition. Thrive products contain probiotics, vitamins, minerals and several herbs that increase energy and metabolism.

I only discovered these amazing products almost at the end of my weight-loss journey. I wish I had known about them from the very beginning, my journey would have been so much easier.

The amazing energy I get from Thrive PLUS the power it has in curbing my cravings for chocolate is unbelievable. I simply can say NO without feeling like it’s a struggle.

Thrive 3-Step System For Optimal Daily Performance Naturally

I believe in Thrive so much! However, there is a catch: You must be super serious about your health. Is it you? If so, don’t hesitate to visit thrive official website and take action now.

Thank you so much for your time! I hope I have inspired you to start making healthier choices, one step at a time.

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