The Importance of Mindset in Weightloss

How to get yourself in the right mindset to lose weight

When it comes to weight-loss, mindset plays a VERY important role. In fact, it’s what helped me most in my journey to lose weight!

The mind is very powerful and if we set it up according to what goals we would like to achieve, things will start happening.

I remember all throughout the 5 years of struggling to lose weight, nothing happened because my mind was all over the place. Yes, I wanted the weight-loss so much but my unconscious mind was constantly discouraging me.

It was constantly whispering to me: ‘Stop trying, you’ve done that before and failed” or “What’s the use, it’s too hard to constantly say no to chocolate”.. and so on…

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Finally decided to set up my mind…

I remember the day I made up my mind to make a change in my lifestyle once and for all and this time, no matter what, I will NOT give up. It felt so good and I was somewhat confident that I will succeed this time.

However, I still had a bit of doubt at the back of my mind that ‘what if I stuff this up again?‘ or ‘what if I give in to temptation again?’.

I thought to myself that in order to stick to my plan, I will have to set up a strategy and live by it daily.

Make a plan, draw out the map, have strategies in place for when I get discouraged or tempted by food and stick to it faithfully, this way I will be sure to stay on the right track.

I write all about the steps and strategy I have set up for myself and soon you can read all about it here. This strategy had to be able to be followed long-term and be part of my lifestyle so that weight-loss can be long-term with lasting results.

This strategy had to allow me to enjoy the foods I love so that I don’t feel punished or deprived. I’ve been following this strategy for almost 2 years now and feel so much happier and healthier as a result.

Mindset played a very important role in my strategy, without it I couldn’t have reached my goal successfully.

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Here is what helped me with my mindset…

I had to ask myself:

  • Why do I need to lose the weight?
  • Who am I doing it for?
  • What are the benefits of my new lifestyle?
  • What are the consequences if I choose to quit again?

I had to answer these questions to myself very truthfully and face reality. If I did give up again! I knew a life of pain, disease, sickness and of course dealing with Type 2 diabetes. Were all waiting for me.

This alone helped me to REALLY set up my mind. To start fighting my unhealthy unconscious mind. Start REPLACING those negative thoughts with new mindset and why I am CHOOSING to change my life.

Try it now! You will be surprised how a renewed mindset is very powerful to reaching your goals and towards a new YOU!

If you have enjoyed this post and find it useful please share with those you care about. Thank you so much for reading and God bless you with wisdom, happiness, peace, and health.

Talk you soon.

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