Avoiding Alcohol for Weight Loss

Does alcohol affect weight loss?

The topic of alcohol converting to fat and adding to weight gain is a controversial subject. Many viewpoints try to justify alcohol drinking by saying… Less than 5 percent of the alcohol consumed actually converts into fat! So there is no point in stop drinking if you want to attain your weight loss objectives.

However, if alcohol does not convert to fat, then from where does the infamous “beer-belly” come from?

In fact, the confusion of alcohol and weight gain never ends. In some people, alcohol may lead to excessive weight gain. And in some other people, alcohol has actually been found to reduce body fat.

Some researchers have proven that alcohol consumption increases waist to hip ratio! While some other researchers have found no links at all.

This indeed is a controversial subject, confusing even and thereby requiring a closer look through the microscope of reason and scientific facts.

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First and foremost

To clear the confusion! It is important to mention that how alcohol is processed in the body of an individual depends on the genetic coding of the individual.

Genes are the core guiding factor that determines the reaction and metabolism of alcohol in the body.

If you are going to blame your genes for your excess weight gain due to alcohol! Well, there might be no point in doing that because you cannot consciously change your genetic structure.

Facts that connect alcohol to weight gain

The first thing to know in this respect is that alcohol although does not directly add fat to the body. But their calorific content is almost similar to fat.

Pure alcohol consists of 7 calories per gram of it while fat provides 9 calories for per gram consumption.

If you want to keep a check on your calorie count, you definitely would not want to drink much alcohol.

The calorie balance principle says that if you gain more calories than you can burn, you gain in fat.

What actually causes the alcohol to cause weight gain?

The consumption of alcohol actually delays the fat burning process considerably. In fact, alcohol actually prevents your body from burning fat.

Whenever you consume alcohol, your body makes quick efforts to detoxify the system of it.


The detoxification process involves the conversion of alcohol into a substance called acetate. This kind of fuel that the body burns quickly. Acetate is preferentially burned to fat, thereby adding to the high-fat levels of the body.

Add to this the high calories added by alcohol itself.

The calorie count of the body increases drastically (from unburned fat and from the alcoholic calories), thereby causing you to gain weight.

Alcohol and fast food

Another very important factor to consider! Alcohol increases your appetite, especially for the greasy or oily kinds of food. These foods definitely will add to your waistline. In addition, alcohol is often mixed with other beverages like fruit juices or soda, contributing even more to the calorie count of the body.

Finally, alcohol intake also messes with the hormonal system of the body, thereby contributing to weight gain.

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