15 Tips To Increase Your Testosterone Naturally

Your testosterone production determines to a large extent your energy levels, muscle growth, fat, well-being feeling, and libido.

Men are driven by testosterone. And an unhealthy lifestyle may decrease testosterone levels. So, here are 15 tips to keep your testosterone levels naturally or increase.

1. Drink in the morning upon waking plenty of water and good breakfast.

This will help to cleanse your body and to produce more hormones during the morning peak.

2. Sport short and sweet.

To stretch the day, sweating and irons. Listen to your body and do not hang in the gym when you’re tired.

3. Put short sets of 10, 6 and 3.

Very slowly, each time with a weight that is almost too heavy. Gives you the number of repetitions, is not it? No problem, everything steps by step.

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4. Drink during exercise something that helps protect muscles.

A firm may also bar. This prevents wear and helps keep low cortisone levels.Thus recovery after strenuous exercise much quicker and easier.

5. Keep your body fat low.

Excess fat, especially a paunch, press your hormone production, leading to accelerated aging.

To keep your workout more powerful, try to use the most popular supplements like Nugenix Maxx or Cellucor P6 Ultimate

6. Healthy snacking keeps your insulin levels.

Snacks with Greek or Turkish yogurt, fruit, light crude vegetables, rye bread, nuts, fish or chicken are smart. Candy you like, rather than grab a protein bar and daily use of chromium.

7. Avoid white sugar and caffeine.

Both make you lazy body and lower your hormone production. Instead opt for cane sugar, honey, green tea or herbal teas smart.

8. Keep your zinc intake high.

A non-athlete can get by with 15 mg per day, but an active person can perform better with 50 mg per day. An intense strength athlete can sometimes use 100 mg per day.

9. Eat six times a day, a healthy snack.

Are you sporty, ensure that 40% of each board consists of protein rich foods. Complete with shakes during the day and at bedtime.

10. Use Ayurvedic herbs.

Such as Tribulus, epimedium, muira puama, ginseng etc., which significantly support its own natural production of testosterone.

11. Sleep once a week deep and long.

Anticipated weekly sleep deprivation and lets you refuel brains weekends.

12. Avoid stress.

Nothing works more muscle breakdown and accumulation of fat in the hand. Will anything anymore, dissolve it, or pass up. Stress makes you old!

13. Let heavy and refined carbohydrates are often left, especially if you’re over 28.

See bread, pasta and potato dishes more as an exception than as a daily routine. Always choose whole grain alternatives.

14. Eat fresh fish every day at lunch and at least twice a week in the evening.

Fresh salmon and tuna are great. Herring, canned tuna (in olive oil), mackerel and other oily fish are also good. Make your own sushi, sashimi or bouillabaisse.(Otherwise, you have to fish oil.)

15. Keep your mind sharp with inner renewal.

Do things that will make you mentally stronger. Things that give you energy. The stimulus for testosterone production comes from your brains. Your body and mind are one.

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